Store Policy

Customer Care

We openly welcome your feedback and genuinely care about our customers, vendors and community. We’re open to recommendations, suggestions and constructive criticism.

We’ll happily exchange or fully refund any unopened retail product for any reason within 14 days of purchase. If you’re unhappy with a prepared food item or other service, just let us know and we’ll work with you on a case-by-case basis to have a happy ending. Come into the market and talk to us or send an email to and we’ll make it right.

Privacy & Safety

We’re not fans of companies commoditizing their customers’ data. We promise to never sell your data, period. We’ll also never share your data with an unauthorized third-party. We also require double-consent on all email subscriptions and for our online newsletter. We use secure payment processing with industry standard encryption and don’t personally store your payment information.

As you can probably tell, we don’t take much seriously (especially ourselves) but we do take your privacy and safety seriously. If you signed up for our email list and wish to be removed, please click “unsubscribe” on the bottom of any email and you’ll be removed or email us at and we’ll take care of it. If you have any other privacy or safety related concerns, please email

Wholesale & New Vendor Inquiries

We love working with our partners and vendors. If you have a great product that you would like us to carry and help distribute for you, send us an email at or pop into the market and chat with us. We’re especially interested in working with unique artisans, small batch craft folks and local growers. We can even act as a commissary, help you tweak your product and assist with packaging.

If we have a product or line that you would like to offer your customers and would like to wholesale purchase, drop us a message at
Payment Methods

– All Major Credit / Debit Cards (in-store & online)

– Cash Monies (in-store)